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Bacterial vaginosis (BV) is one of the most common & serious type of vaginal infections
with a prevalence of 20% in women of reproductive age.

BV has a strong impact on quality of life due to bothersome symptoms
and can even lead to miscarriage during pregnancy.

The main risk factors are genetic predispositions, menstruations, pregnancy, sexual activity, or the use of antibiotics.

key point Metronidazole, the gold standard treatment for BV is associated with more than 50% relapses.

Bacterial vaginosis, an unbalanced vaginal flora

Bacterial vaginosis is characterized by an unbalance of the healthy Lactobacilli in favor of the pathogen strain Gardnerella vaginalis associated with a pH increase (pH>5).


Even if in some cases BV is asymptomatic, when the symptoms are present, they strongly impact women's quality of life:

Vaginal discomfort

Vaginal discomfort

Vaginal discharge

Vaginal discharge:
Unpleasant vaginal fish-like odour

Debilitating vaginal discharge

Debilitating vaginal discharge:
thin, watery, white or grey discharge