The efficacy of Pregyn on bacterial vaginosis has been proven in 2 clinical studies including 78 women.

Post antibiotic treatment (N=42)

Inclusion criteria: women diagnosed with BV and treated with antibiotics for 8 days.

clinical study

key point100% of women treated with Pregyn have retrieved a healthy vaginal flora (Nugent Score ≤ 3) after 8 days of treatment while no evolution is measured in the lactic acid group.

Preventive treatment (N=36)

Inclusion criteria: women with a mean of 3 bacterial vaginosis per year

clinical study

key point80.5% of women have not faced BV relapses 6 months following the end of the study.

key pointPregyn durably prevents BV relapses by restoring the vaginal balance.

The method of Nugent is a microscopic examination of vaginal secretions. The presence and amounts of 3 bacterial morphotypes (Lactobacilli, Gardnerella vaginalis, Mobiluncus species) are assessed to diagnose a bacterial vaginosis. The Nugent score is classified as follows: 0-3 is considered negative for bacterial vaginosis (BV) / 4-6 is considered intermediate / 7+ is considered indicative of BV.